Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters

45 years of tradition, experience and professionalism

What we do

What we do

Established 45 years ago, the Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters is the first and only professional association of conference interpreters in Slovenia. It brings together interpreters committed to the highest standards of quality and ethics.

The Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters:

  • promotes the highest standards of quality and ethics in the interpreting profession,
  • represents the interests of its members and assists them in their professional development,
  • cultivates the reputation of the interpreting profession and closely monitors developments in the interpreting sector,
  • advises conference organisers and users of interpreting services about all facets of conference interpreting,
  • supports young interpreters as they set out on their career path,
  • cooperates with related associations and facilitates the exchange of information and knowledge.

About ZKTS

The Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters has ensured the highest level of professionalism and quality since 1972. It played a pioneering role in achieving the recognition of Slovene as an international conference language. Today, its members are highly respected interpreting professionals covering a plethora of languages, with the ability to accept the most difficult and sensitive jobs. Several members are also active as interpreter trainers. 

Združenje konferenčnih
tolmačev Slovenije (ZKTS)
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Združenje konferenčnih tolmačev Slovenije je edino stanovsko združenje konferenčnih tolmačev v Sloveniji, ki že 45 let jamči za visoko kakovost storitev konferenčnega tolmačenja.