ZKTS members are highly qualified professional conference interpreters committed to professional standards, the Code of Professional Ethics and the principle of professional confidentiality.

Its members have received training at internationally recognised interpreting institutions in London, Geneva, Moscow, Vienna, Graz, Trieste and elsewhere, or have completed the European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI) intensive postgraduate courses run by EMCI partner universities across Europe and in Slovenia. Many have received specialised training within the EU institutions. Most members are freelance interpreters, whilst some work as staff interpreters in Slovenian and international organisations.

Mindful about the future of the interpreting profession, ZKTS members also teach conference interpreting at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, the Faculty of Arts in Maribor and at the Department of Translation Studies of the University of Graz . They also share their extensive knowledge at specialised training courses for interpreters and translators. A number of ZKTS members are also certified court interpreters.

ZKTS members regularly provide interpretation for:

  • government and public institutions in Slovenia (Office of the President, Office of the Prime Minister, ministries, the National Assembly, the National Council, judiciary, etc.),
  • the EU institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the EU, Court of the EU), mostly as accredited auxiliary conference interpreters (ACIs),
  • international organisations (Council of Europe, UN, UNESCO, OECD, World Bank, Eurojust, Europol and others)
  • organisations in the arts and sciences,
  • convention centres, as well as
  • Slovenian and international companies.

Are you an interpreter and want to become a member?

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Združenje konferenčnih tolmačev Slovenije je edino stanovsko združenje konferenčnih tolmačev v Sloveniji, ki že 50 let jamči za visoko kakovost storitev konferenčnega tolmačenja.